7 Signs of a Quality Spouse You Might Not Be Looking For

The decision of whom to marry will be the second most important choice a person will ever make in his or her lifetime, the first being to follow Christ. That being considered, it is vital to ensure an intentional and well thought out path is made. Proverbs 31 shares how charm can be deceptive and beauty fleeting, so what subtle signs should be noticed and prized?

10 Ways You Can Prepare Yourself for Marriage Now

Marriage is a gift but it also holds up a mirror to your own character in a way that can be challenging. Being ready to lay down some of yourself to better love another is an important part of readying your heart for marriage.

7 Things to Look Forward to Besides Getting Married

Within the Christian community, we can idolize marriage as the ultimate goal. But God would not agree that this is the only thing we should look forward to. Single Christians, consider the following things to look forward to in life, aside from marriage.


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