10 Secular Movies That Teach Christian Values

Sometimes, it’s helpful to divide modern movies into two categories: faith-based and secular. Doing so, though, has one major downside: It can prevent us from seeing the truth – and perhaps even the gospel – in secular films.

10 Lies You’ve Been Told about Womanhood

I was totally taken off guard by Lacy’s blatant attacks on my beliefs. Apparently she had heard about my perspectives and beliefs on God’s design for women, and she was not impressed.

7 Prophetic Words God Has for Us about the End Times

This world can be a dark place. Sometimes it’s hard to see light and hope in the midst of all the suffering and pain that surrounds us. Just this year, we’ve seen incredible evil take many innocent lives. We’ve seen terrorist attacks and heard rumors of war. We’ve seen hurricanes and natural disasters wreak havoc in different places around the globe. Top news headlines reveal constant struggles, pain, and brokenness that people everywhere are facing.

10 Ways God Speaks to Us Today

Though we aren’t likely to hear the audible voice of God through a burning bush as Moses did, or in the midst of a dream as Joseph experienced, the One who spoke the earth and the heavens into existence still speaks to us today. When we seek to understand the character of our Creator, our lives will begin to reveal His protective hand.

7 Toxic Attitudes to Let Go of This New Year

There are certain attitudes and choices that, over time, can become toxic to our spiritual walk. They’ll lead us down wrong pathways, or cause us to drift away from God. And although we know it to be true, it seems that we just feel helpless to lay down the old nature. It’s all too easy, especially in times of pressure and stress, to pick up what we’re most familiar with. And so the cycle goes on, and our hearts become hardened.

10 Steps to Help You Think Through Your Goals for the New Year

Facing yet another failed attempt, we decide we’re the problem. We’re simply not disciplined and committed enough. But what if we’re approaching this whole “quest for a better self” wrong? What if in our determination for change, we’re setting ourselves up for frustration?


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