Pastor Greg Young

Pastor Greg Young

Pastor Greg Young, host of the Chosen Generation Radio delivers a conversation with his guests on the issues facing Americans today though a biblical lens. Just as the radical left has embraced their ideology, those of us with traditional Biblical values know what is right and what is wrong and we speak, act and make decisions accordingly. Pastor Greg Young always informs, entertains and enlightens the audience.

Pastor Greg Young brings his nationally heard show to FaithTalk 99.5 each weekday from 6pm to 7pm. Chosen Generation Radio takes us back to that place and encourages traditional values. Whether we are talking about Islam, the homosexual agenda, the indoctrination happening in our schools, assaults on the free speech or illegal immigration, Chosen Generation Radio addresses all these issues and challenges Americans to use their God given freedom to return us to the Constitutional Republic that Benjamin Franklin challenged us to hold on to.

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My name is Greg Young, I am an ordained minister, and I am known as Pastor Greg through my radio show Chosen Generation Radio. I created the radio show in September of 2012. This is not a preaching show as I felt God calling me to do something different. There are three main issues that He gave me to address, Islam, Secular Humanism and the Homosexual Agenda. The show is conversational interviews focused on the issues of the day and with a biblical worldview. I began on a small station in Kerrville Texas. I have had the show on in Philadelphia and Southern California. I am currently syndicated through AM/FM247 and Wilkins Radio Network along with airing on several independent stations and WWCR short wave radio. I am also on Red State the number on line radio network and I am listed in the Top 100 Conservative Radio Hosts in America according to Top Talk Radio. That is by the way a non paid listing.

I have owned or managed a variety of businesses over the last 39 years. I started in management right out of High School. My first management was in retail warehouse and then in restaurant. I also served in the United States Air Force as a Russian Linguist during the cold war in the early 80’s. I owned a subrogation company for seven years which recovered on damage claims for car rental companies, insurance companies and TPA’s domestically and internationally. During that time I owned a Christian Record label and worked with several companies represented at the Gospel Music Alliance (GMA’s) that put on the Dove awards in Nashville and I successfully syndicated a radio show called “A Dose of the Ghost” on Citadel , Clear Channel and some independent stations through ZEO Radio Networks. I also owned a private investigation firm and a business management firm and a recording studio. 911 severely damaged my primary business and an associate’s last minute appendicitis ended my record labels opportunity to go national. The later great Record Executive Russ Regan had signed on to help me when the financing fell through due to an associate having an emergency appendicitis the night before we were all to meet in Nashville.

I have been married since 1986 and we have five children, three grown, one of whom is married and is an Executive with ATT, one lives in Hollywood and has her own production company, a personal band and does some artist management and one who is in Missionary training with YWAM in preparation for going overseas. We have a daughter finishing High School which we homeschool. Our youngest had a stroke at birth and has some special needs but God has proven the doctors wrong and he is doing great.



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